The MyoSen - muscle stimulator for the dynamic cardiomyoplasty

MyoSen Programmiergerät  

The MyoSen muscle stimulator is the core of the MyoSen product group.
The device is used for cardiac triggered muscle stimulation of the heart assisting broad muscle of the back as so called dynamic cardiomyoplasty.

The implant has a cardiac sensing channel as well as a muscular stimulation channel. Both are coordinated by a synchronisation mechanism.

The cardiac sensing channel is able to record and analyse an internal electrogram (IEGM) of heart's ventricle.

The stimulation channel is able to generate a pulse train for muscular excitation.

The synchonisation mechanism coordinates the release of the pulse train onto the cardiac cycle.

The MyoSen - muscle stimulator has an adjustable upper stimulation limit to prevent muscular overstimulation.

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