The MyoSen - Programmer

MyoSen Programmiergerät  

The MyoSen Programmer is used by the physician, to configure the MyoSen Muscle Stimulator. It uses an encrypted radio connection to communicate with the implant.




The Device Tab

Die Geräteseite

The device page offers an overview of the implant status. The key for the AES256 protected communication is accessible here, the internal clock can be adjusted, the magnet switch can be configured and the battery status is displayed.

The Sensing Electrodes Tab

On this page, the sensing electrodes can be configured and tested. Polarity and Mode of the electrodes can be selected, refractory time, sensitivities and stability criteria can be adjusted. Signal stability and heart rate is displayed, in addition, the raw ECG signal can be viewed.

The Synchronuous Stimulation Tab

The stimulation settings can be defined for rest- and activity periods. The duration of these periods can be adjusted graphically on a timeline. The stimulation pattern is either adapted automatically to the heart rate or is derived from a lookup table, where different patterns can be defined for each heart rate range.

The Pulse Train Editor

MyoSen Pulsefolgeneditor

The pulse train editor is used to define the pulse trains. Uniform Pulse Trains can be constructed quickly from few settings, alternatively for each pulse, amplitude, duration and interval can be entered individually.


The Overstimulation Protection Tab


On this page, criteria for the overstimulation protection are defined. An upper daily limit for stimulation pulses is defined. From this limit, the individual measures for pulse reduction and their activation criteria are derived