Main characteristics of the MyoSen muscle stimulator

Cardiac sensing unipolar, bipolar 0.6mV, 1.25mV, 2.5mV, 5mV, 10mV,
no cardiac pacing
Muscle stimulation unipolar, bipolar


pulse width

time between pulses

number of pulses


0.1V to 3V  (in steps of 0.2V)
3.5V to 9V (in steps of 0.5V)

60µs to 480µs (in steps of 60µs)

20ms to 50 ms (in steps of 5ms)

1 to 14 pulses (in single steps)

Synchronisation synchronisation ratio

QRS-synchronization delay

synchronization mode

Synchronisation lower (heart) rate

Synchronisation upper (heart) rate

1:1 to 1:20 (in steps 1)
1:20 to 1:32 (in steps of 2)

30ms to 100ms (in steps of 5ms)
100ms to 360ms (in steps of 20ms)

3-zone look-up table /
adaptive synchronization (AUTO-mode)

50 bpm

Limitation of muscle stimulation to prevent overstimulation muscle contractions per minute

overstimulation protection
(usage depended pulse limitation)

time control

10 bpm to 80 bpm  (in steps of 5 bpm)

ON/OFF, Pulse reduction/ reduction of synchrinzation / Assistance OFF

2 time zones with independed pulse train control

Additional features
  • comprehensive Log-function
  • 24h - memory of the mean heart frequency per minute
  • 24h - memory of the released stimulation pulses per minute
  • Long time histogram of the mean heart frequency per minute and the releases stimulation pulses for bith time zones (e.g. Activity- und Rest-Logging)
  • comprehensive magnet function